Physical CD status and album art

Jenkees CD

First of all, I want to thank everyone for purchasing my digital album! I didn't expect that kind of response at all. Last week was probably the most exciting week in terms of putting this whole CD together.

The picture above is a link to my album art in the form of a hi-res download. Lots of you have asked for it and it just took me a while to get around to it. If you download the whole CD, the artwork is already in there. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Hey dude I love your CD it's got some pretty tight beats to it. The raps are pretty cheesy but good beats nonetheless. I want to request somethin for you though for your next CD. I would really love to hear some marching band style music in your next CD. If you need some examples just e-mail me and I'll help you come up with some ideas. Some good shit man!

  • Dude that album art is awesome. I'm excited to get it synced up with my iTunes and eventually on my iPod. Did you ever think of selling your music over the iTunes music store? Just a thought. Peace!

    I love the album by the way. Its awesome!

  • Dude, I seriously cannot wait for your cd to come out. I'd buy it online, but I really like having a physical cd so much more. Still, I've been rockin' the samples online. I think the raps turned out wonderfully, too.

  • Thanks for the comments folks! I'm glad you guys like the album art. Gotta give my friend a big thanks for the help on that (he wishes to remain anonymous).

    @ Neil: Thanks for the suggestion! I will be on iTunes in just a few days, I think. (I updated the post after you asked)

  • Nice work making the CD, it looks like it will be a enjoyable listen. I really like your electronica styled tracks. Your CD is a breath of fresh air, an artist working for themselves and staying true to their own ideas and musical style instead of selling out and trying to appeal to everyone by watering down their music. In a way, you remind me of a young Paul Oakenfold. I'll be picking up a physical copy of your CD when it becomes available. Again, congrats and great work!

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