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Jenkees CDFor those interested in downloading my beats as MP3 files (192K - DRM free), feel free to head over to the Ronald Jenkees Digital Download Store!! For those of you who would rather have a physical CD, it's on it's way too. Maybe a few of you will like to get that too. It's coming in digipack form, so it's more snazzy than your average jewel case.

»» I'm ready, just take me to the store please! LOL

How the instant download store works:

  1. Choose what you want to buy (the whole album or just a few MP3's)
  2. Pay using PayPal (it's a secure purchase and you don't have to have a PayPal account)
  3. You'll get an E-Mail with a personal link to your downloads
  4. Download your music!

- The "Whole CD" option comes in a ZIP file. To unzip a the album, right-click the file, and then click Extract on the shortcut menu. Click here for more help with zip files.
- The "Best Value" button is kindof a joke, but kinda not. LOL.
- I have obtained a mechanical license to sell my Rocky Remix song

Thanks everyone for helping me get this done - all of the encouragement has been awesome. If you have any problems with the store, don't hesitate to get in touch:

65 Responses to “Buy Ronald Jenkees MP3s!”

  • I didn't have to think about this for even a second. After all the great samples and songs you released the last few months I immediately bought the whole CD.

    Keep up the excellent work Ronald!

  • I agree with CraHan, this was an easy buying decision.

    Props to RJ on a fantastic album.

  • Dude I'm buying it right now. Can't wait to give it a listen. I just know it is gonna be awesome!

  • Extra Nice! Extremely professional! I loved it!

  • This is awesome, Ronald. I'm going to wait for the physical CD, but the wait will be tough. I like the little snippets that you let us listen to. You should be proud of yourself.

  • I don't have enough money in my Paypal account at the moment, it will take me a bit to transfer some into it. I can't wait to hear all of these songs straight through. From the previews that you provided I can already tell that I love this album, I will post again after I get it and listen but from what I heard right now I think you did a fantastic job.

  • This album is face-melting, Ronald. Keep the beats rollin'.

  • Ronald, I am very excited to buy this. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. I made a beat inspired by you, and it is on my wesbite ( I made it especially because of Clutter and Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the motivation. Peace buddy. Rock on.

  • You don't need a PayPal account with money in it, all you need is a credit card. PayPal now processes single credit card transactions without the need for a PayPal account, however, you may use your PayPal account if you want to.

  • Ronald, you're gonna blow up and probably be a superstar. I don't want that to scare you, but it is hard to believe you won't have your own reality TV series. I truly think you deserve it. After previewing your album, it had become very obvious where you are Neptune (haha terrible pun on your song name, but hope you like it anyway...).

  • I am downloading it right now!!! Thanks for sharing your God given tallent. You beats are loaded with some kinda Joy and that is rare.

    Here is your mention on my blog

  • I'm holding out for the CD man. I've seen the artwork and the whole family is pumped!

  • Ok, so I bought the CD and here is what I think.
    Derty - I was excited about this track when I first saw that youtube video of you working on this. I think that it turned out amazingly well; I think that any podcast would be lucky to have an intro this good.

    Neptune - Defiantly much more smoother then the previous track, I liked this one because I thought it was a real good beat to listen to when you just want to calm down, it was very soothing I thought.

    Canon in D Remix - I must admit I was almost always sick of hearing this song (it is in like every movie or TV show almost) but after hearing funtwo's video where he played this song on guitar it revitalized the song for me. And I think that you just topped him with this track.

    Clutter - I remember you posting a little snippet of this song quite a while ago, I think maybe before Digg and Bill found you out? But after hearing that first bit I knew this would be a really awesome song, and it defiantly is. I had the 30-second clip (or maybe it was about a minute) on my Ipod for so long listening to it over and over, I am so happy to hear the full song, which clocks in at 4:13. One of my favorites on the CD. I really love the last minute of this song.

    Super-Fun - This song really is super fun. I can't help but move around when I hear this song, that solo is amazing.

    The Rocky Song Remixed - I already heard the remix of this before the CD when you released it on your site. But I still can't help but bob my head every time I listen to this song; I think this would have made a great addition to Rocky Balboa or any Rocky movie.

    Snap - A good song to have playing in the background of a date or something; another mellow song.

    The Sunfish Song - I found the piano in this song to be almost hypnotizing, I think you did a great job playing in this track.

    Loui - Another one I was really excited for when you released a snippet of it on the site. I am really glad to see that it is as good as I thought it was going to be, perhaps even better than I was hoping. I really enjoyed the ending of this song as well.

    Gold Spinners - I like the organ (or whatever it is) in this song. I think that this one is really fun to listen to; I especially enjoyed the piano solo that you played near the end of the song.

    Remix to A Remix - After listening to the short samples that you had on the purchase CD page, I could not wait to get to this song. And I think it was worth the wait. I loved the strings that you played at the end of your Doogie Howser video on youtube and I am glad that you added in a strings song on the CD, a really great track.

    Almost Undamaged - This track reminded me of a time awhile back when I visited one of those tunnels that go underneath an aquarium, when you can see fish all around you. I don't know why but I think this would be a great song to listen to while going through one of those.

    56K Rap - Ah... 56k I remember that, back in the golden age of the Internet. This song reminded me of all of the good times I had on my 56k modem. Downloading a 3 minute song for 45 minutes... good times.

    Aint No Thang Rap - I hardly ever listen to rap, but I think that you just topped most of the rappers out there.

    If you read all of that you can tell that I liked the CD. I think that you did a fantastic job on this CD; it was well worth the wait. You defiantly have the skills to go places Mr. Jenkees, I feel honored to have been a fan before you became a big shot. I look forward to listening your next CD if you ever decide to make one.

  • Alright after posting my first two comments, I had to come back to ask for something from everyone one of Ronald's fans. Please, I am begging you guys, to please please please tell everyone you know about him. Every single one of his beats OWNS Scott Storch, OWNS Timbaland, OWNS any other producer I have ever heard. This has to be some of the most incredible music I have ever heard.

  • Mike, great idea, I've been preaching the word for months now. I've been including this image with a link to Ronald's site on every forum I frequent:

  • Hey Ronald,

    I'm just into the second track, amazed, and i just wanted to thank you personally for taking this huge step. All of us youtubers check in so often to see if our friend has posted anything new, and to be able to sit back and enjoy your talent in such a large and sparkling dose is a blessing.

    Stay at it really are the real deal.

    Take care.


  • Lol, hey Ronald, i'm on my second lap around the tracks...just wanted to come back and say i'll be buying the CD too. :) Take it easy...

  • Yeah Mike, I've been trying to spread the word about Jenkees as much as possible (see the two posts at the bottom of these comments)...I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and blast this CD on my radio...that's right this CD made me pumped about going to work on a Monday..WOW!

  • Can't thank you enough, i love your music.


  • Immed. bought the whole thing, didn't even hesitate.

    Congrats on getting this done, Ronald.

  • w0w0w!!!! that album has impressed me so much, I love it. You have been mentioned on my music blog Musicurve.

  • Sorry for overloading your comments Ronald but I thought this was a picture everyone should see...

    Ronald Jenkees Tops the Music Charts!

    That pic just about says it all...way to be RJ!

  • Awesome. Clutter is my favorite. 56K_RAP is really funny. I will also buy the CD when it is ready.

  • Dude this cd is awesome. Congratulations Ron

  • As soon as I realized you had released your album I bought it.

    Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to the next one!

  • Hey Ronald! Love the album I've been listening to it in the car and while working out this morning. I had to listen to your 'Ain't no Thang' rap a couple times in a row because your flow was straight pimpin. Your other songs were fantastic and sound great with a good car audio system. The only thing I missed was some of the griminess you had in the youtube video for the canon in d remix- you did add some of the guitar work but there were a couple of parts from the video that I loved. Great job on getting the album out- its a huge accomplishment, you should be proud, and your music has made my week already. Peace Out!

  • Ronald, congratulations on the CD. Just purchased the album and I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how absolutely amazing it is. Still shaking my head, not to mention other body parts. I'm not gonna even bother reviewing it for those that haven't gotten their own copy... I'm just gonna say: BUY IT. You will not be disappointed. This is jaw-dropping talent, folks. As good as it gets. What a treat!

  • Ronald, excellent . . . . very excellent

  • Might I suggest a MySpace Profile to get the word out... I'd love to have one of your songs playing on my profile, then people can click on it and "see" more of your music

    way to go man

  • I just saw that new video that you posted on youtube, loved it.
    That jam you played on there was epic. I love the strings.
    Great stuff Ron.

  • Ronald, Ronald, Ronald.
    You are amazing.
    The CD is even better than I imagined.


    Instead of using the standard myspace music player you can integrate a player from "". With that you can search for music and because Ronald posted a bunch of MP3's on his site (like the Rocky Remix) you can add it to the player and it will load on your myspace page.

    Have Fun - Gary

  • What about the album art? I downloaded it but the MP3s dont have any embedded art. Where can I get the cover JPG?

  • wow, i just stumbled upon this kid on youtube through a room mate prank video and checked out this site. bought the cd, put it on my ipod to listen to while i skated. it was sweet...the rocky theme song remix was funny. liked the canon in d song too. i actually listen to a classical version of that song to feel cultured. this cd was definately a great buy and i'm never satisfied with cds i buy. props ronald.

  • Will you PLEASE come to my birthday party and rap? PLEASE!

  • Awesome work. I never buy music, but this is absolutely worth it.

  • yo ron your the man!! i have been listening to your jams for over a couple of weeks now, and the funny thing is i was actually wathing the guy playing canon in d on his guitar and on the side was your blog and after i heard you play once i was hooked! Now i can't get enough...but the best part is im sitting in my house in houston and im about to go out and then all of a sudden my local news channel talks about amazing talent on youtube and i was thinking to my self...that would be sick if ronald was on it, and sure enough that elevator music scene with your string jams was on!!! i freaked out!!! me and some friends wathced it(who have never heard your work before) and now there fans too. i tried to find it online for you to watch but i couldn't find it. sorry about this long message but i thought you would like to hear about your talent spreading around, but keep on what your doing you have a talent that is absolutely amazing and can't explained in words.....

    p.s. the zeppelin cover was dope, do you think you could do another???

  • Awesome tunes!! I'm from Germany and bought some of your songs and am waiting for the download links... can't wait to hear the full songs!!! :-)
    I'll tell all my friends about your music project...


  • Solid gold all the through. Fantastic stuff Mr. Jenkees. I bought the whole album as soon as I saw it was available. This is how music distribution can work the right way. Buy the album, spread the word!

  • Hey Ronald, just bought your CD. OUTSTANDING. My favorite YouTube jam of yours is "Slow Jamz! LOL. Not really.", and a lot of this album reminds me of that jam. I especially like Clutter, Loui and Gold Spinners. And you can really hear your compositions grow, leading up to Almost Undamaged, which sounds like an orchestra. Off the chain, kid!

    Best $10 I've spent all summer, and I've told all my friends to do the same. Don't forget us fans when you're rich and famous!

  • I have never been more excited to buy a cd, the whole thing is awesome. Keep Pluggin' away dude.

  • Wow, Ronald. Great stuff. Well worth the wait.

  • hey there mate, you have some great talents. don't let it go to waste.. KEEP IT UP!

  • Incredible. As someone else has said, I RARELY purchase music, but this was worth every penny. Every song is awesome. I can't enough about how cool this cd is, and none of this stuff is even my style, but I just cant stop listening to it. Keep up the good work RJ.

  • Just bought the CD and think the whole CD is great, but song #10 is seriously, seriously awesome. I also think #12 is especially killer...good job, keep up the passion!

  • I only download music, but I'm buying this.

    I swear you should contact some producer in hollywood and show him what you can do. That or go on American Idol. From what you say in your videos its easy that you have an amazing talent on your hands and a great personality that people love.

    I wish you all the luck Mr. Jenkees

  • Just like some others, I never buy music. Albums are usually a big letdown. But I bought the album and your music is truly one of a kind. One word: platinum. I love hip hop and Ain't No Thang is the hottest beat out without a doubt. As Adam P. mentioned in his review, a few of your songs would sound awesome in Final Fantasy or some other RPG. Granted I'm sure you're destined for bigger things (multi-million $ producing deals), but that might be a cool stop along the way. I hope you keep bangin out songs and youtubes because we can't get enough Ronald.

  • you should have two separate cds next: a) jazz vibe, b) rap (which reminds me sooo much of frank zappa weirdness I love it. I could totally see you playing 56k on saturday night live!

  • hey ronald im drunk and listening to to- clutter, my favorite song. this song hits the spot and i cant wait for your next cd.

  • hey, my name is kristoffer and I come from Norway, and I LOVE your music man, just keep going like this and you will get famous in a sec. and I want to make a cd but, I'm only 15 years old so... I hope you make more song and put them on Youtube XD see ya.

  • Just DL'd the album. Absolutely amazing music. Keep it up RJ!

  • Well, i bought all of your tracks, because you will get more money if i buy every single song ;-)

    This Album
    is sooo

    Thanx a lot Ronald and keep it up!

    maybe you want to listen to some of my sounds also played/arranged with FL and my KORG e-piano

    greetings from germany
    (youtube: cinevo)

  • wow you are truely a talented person~i just bought you cd via itunes and i love it

  • молодец класная музыка мне бы так играть вот здорова былобы

  • damn boy i didnt really listen 2 this kind of music, until i heard the hip hop funk techno beat on youtube... but u have to keep this up and keep the beats comeing cuse il be wating 2 buy youre cd when it comes out;) good luck

  • I just dicovered your work while I was browsing the net yesterday...
    It BLEW me away!!! Seriously, sounds like one day the best musicians of all times had a gangbang and
    the result, 9 month later - Ronald Jenkees!!! You are brilliant man!!

  • wower coming form China

    I'm one of Neilyo's fans,He use your music for His Neilyo's 14.
    Your music shock me ,waiting for your next album!

  • Ильдар Сагитов

    Вот это да!!! Великолепно!!! Виртуоз высшего класса, способный поразить своей игрой на клавишах, своей музыкой любого слушателя! Спасибо за творчество!

  • спасибо Вам за такую необычную музыку
    надеюсь вскоре появятся новые альбомы.

  • Yo your super crazy good at this stuff. You could make soundtracks for video games with some of your abstract sounds. Like sunfish song reminded me of the Metroid series the moment i heard it. keep it up.

  • Just picked your CD up off of ITunes after finding you through Youtube. Keep up the amazing sounds. Looking forward to the next album.

  • That's great man, keep selling, keep playing, keep being you, it's what got you here so far, right?

  • Just wondering where your blog is. Could you email it to me. thanks guys.

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