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ESPN PodcastWow, I just got done listening to the latest Bill Simmons "B.S. Report" podcast with my music and sound clips on it. That was by far the coolest thing to happen since I started posting my YouTube videos! I think I'll have to listen to that podcast at least 20 times before it sinks in. Many many trillions of thanks to you, Mr. Simmons. I can't say that enough. Also, thanks to Eugene in San Antonio for suggesting I make the beat for the podcast and Jimi from China for telling Bill Simmons about my videos back in the day. And Mr. Simmons, that was a fantastic interview with that David Stern fellow.

In that podcast, Mr. Simmons also mentioned that I need to write music for a T.V. show or something. Right on, man. That would be a dream. To get paid for something you love doing?! Honestly that would just be a nice bonus, because I love it regardless.

You can buy this full track here or on iTunes. It's called "Derty" - it's the first song on my first CD.

Edit: Here's a link to the actual podcast: the B.S. report

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  • Dude, seriously, when are you coming out with the CD? Slate me down for a couple of discs; your stuff is absolutely wicked! Keep up the great work. Love listening to it.

  • Ronald, give us the MP3. We demand it. C'mon.

  • I listened to the BS report and I kept having the urge to go back to the beginning and listen to the intro you made. Way to be.

  • Way to go Ronald! You are hitting the big time. The p'cast can be found much quicker here:

    Then click on the B.S. report.

    Rock on Ronald!

  • Love the new Thanks Giving tune. Works really well as a "landscape" sound, as the camera pans across a dramatic/picturesque scene (see: all those cigarette boat scenes in the Miami Vice movie). Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Ronald,

    I love your Sports Guy tune! I play for a really silly softball team in San Francisco named "The Chaunchilizers" or just "Chaunch." Several years ago we brought a massive boombox so each player could have their own theme song when they walk up to bat. We even play the National Anthem at the beginning of each game! I think I'm gonna use the Sports Guy theme you made for my song this summer.

    Anyway, if you're ever interested, I'd love it if you wanted to make a theme song for our Chaunch team that we could play at the beginning of each game... I'd be happy to send you one of our t-shirts.

    Here's our website:


  • Rock on Ronald! I love how your video comments are spoken over the intro hehe. Just waiting for the CD...does it have a name yet?

  • Dude!!! You Rule!!!

  • The intro you did for The Sports Guy's B.S. Report is WICKED. Great stuff. Keep pushing on with the CD efforts.

  • Ronnie, you've gotta come out with that cd soon since you're so hot right now!

  • Ronald, great stuff you got here!!

  • Congrats Ronald! Also, love the snippet on the bottom

  • Annie-Laurie and Adrian

    Awesome, Ronald! We've listened to the podcast over and over!

  • Hey, is it possible to download the music you did for the intro? It's awesome, and I'd love to make it the music that comes on when I turn on my computer!!

  • Are you going to provide an mp3 download of the intro and/or put it on your CD? I'd love to have a clean version to listen to (without talking over it). Great work and congrats!

  • Hey Tim,

    Ronald already posted an mp3 of the song:

    Although I second posting a final clean version of it again...great beat!

  • Cool man, Rad.

    We need to talk.

  • Fantastic, dude. Love the Rocky remix and BS theme. You'll be getting some money from Hollywood soon if you keep writing music like this. Perfect for action movies!

  • Ronald, that Thanks Giving track absolutely blows my mind. All these people are not lying to you - your stuff is easily better than most of the crummy producing going on right now in the music industry. I'll be buying your cd the day you release it. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making so much of it available for free so far.

  • That was pretty cool having Bill talk about your music and playing it during the intro.
    I think that you did a great job on that podcast theme, it was one of my favorites, I hope it is on the CD.
    But with all of your other music that I have heard, I thought that "Thanks Giving" was really good.
    I have been listening and watching your videos for a while now (I found out about you when you were on and have been a fan ever since) and I am more and more impressed (and excited for the CD) every time I hear something new.
    Keep up the amazing work Ron!

  • You are one of the most talented artists I have heard in a long time. Gifted through and through. Please, always remember to put your passion into your music, it obviously shows!

  • Awesome man! That is terrific! As for a TV show, any of your stuff would be great, but Thanks Giving sounds like the perfect intro to a TV show. Maybe a lawyer show or doctor show.

    Awesome stuff, as usual.


  • Ronald,

    It's so cool to see how much has changed for you in a matter of a couple months. Enjoy it.

    You should check out Tommy Guerrero on iTunes or myspace. He used to skate board with Tony Hawk back in the 80's and is making really cool music similar to yours. You would like it.

    BTW all I keep doing is posting your vids to my friends, it makes everyones day.

  • I cant get enough of that beat. Put it on your site! Good luck with the CD my man!

  • hey, heard about you from the Bill Simmons podcast, and thought the song was sweet, so I decided to sign up for a youtube account and subscribe to your page. You're music is awesome, and I'll be waiting for your CD to come out!

  • RJ! Awesome! Congratulations on the podcast intro. It sounds great. I love the "yeah" sample. Fantastic.

  • Ronald,

    Love your stuff, tell me, did Simmons didn't really try to adopt you. Can't wait for the CD, keep it coming, and thanks for sharing stuff with us for free right now, won't stop me from buying your CD.

  • Ronald,
    Bill has a new request:

    "For the first three hours, nobody was willing to pull a Jackie Robinson and break the topless barrier, which led us to decide that the Wynn should (A) hire five or six strippers to go topless at noon every day (just to break the ice), and (B) hire Ronald Jenkees to produce an album of techno songs with titles like "Take Your Tops Off" with songs like, "Come On, Nobody's Looking," "We're All Friends Here," "Unleash the Hounds," and "What Do You Have To Lose, You're Already Divorced?"

  • Ronald,

    I've been watching your videos for awhile know. And every time I watch them they put a huge smile on my face. For that I thank you! I show your videos to all my friends, and they agree your awesome. Most of all we love the intensity of emotion you show when you play. That's the greatest part to watching your videos and listening to your sick beats. We're waiting patiently to bump that goodness in our stereos. But what ever you do "Please" don't stop making the home videos man. We love to just watch you play. Best of wishes to you and yours, Keep up the great work

  • Btw, Awesome job with the podcast.

  • Ronald-

    This is fantastic stuff! Please let us all know when the CD comes out. I hope you add the BS Report track to the CD.

  • Nice job with the podcast track. Keep up the good work. I hope you do get to write for a TV show/movie or something similar in the future.


    You're almost famous!

  • Hey Ronald! I just wanted to say I found out about you by Bill Simmons and I think that the podcast beat for the BS report was one of the best beats I have EVER heard. I mentioned you on my blog and I believe you are better then even Timbaland and Scott Storch. You're amazing!!!!!!

  • Awesome! I am so glad Bill Simmons used the theme you made for him. That's awesome. You're on your way to success! Good job with the website. Very simple but professional. I am babysitting today and I will get money to bye your album. Keep it up! I will want to here more.

  • You're blowing up man! Love the music! You can thank the Sports Guy for introducing me to your stuff. I saw on your myspace that you're from Kentucky, that's awesome bro! I grew up in Bardstown. Keep up the good work, and get your songs on iTunes soon. If you ever make a trip to Hawaii, drop me a line and I'll buy you a beer or something.

  • which track on the CD is "Thanksgiving?"

  • Ronald,
    I think your stuff is awesome! I, like many others, heard of you through Bill Simmons. I can't thank Bill enough for turning me onto your unique stylings and dope beats. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the physical CD to be releases. I will be spreading the word on Ronald Jenkees like wild fire!

  • This is without a doubt the greatest theme song I've heard come out in the last 20 years. Kudos, Mr. Jenkees, I await your further projects.

  • hot shit man im wonderin if u do producen for local mcees man give me a buzz im from euclid ohio cleveland and god sent me on a mission to destroy this nlocal underground scene and only with tha sickest rawest real hearted beats can i accomplish my goal i need some of that jenkees tha transformation begins

    spada 216-624-1060 call me man a.s.a.p

  • The Guy that's waiting for the Nfl tune

    Wassup Ron!

    Man I heard that Nfl remix of yours, I just jumped right ahead and bought the whole album without realizing that the Nfl wasn't even on there! lolz

    Eagerly waitin for that Nfl remix tune to be released (and fast :P)

    peacin' out...

  • Ronald,

    Found you on YouTube and found your site here. I'll be sure to get a few CD's to pass on to people. I am a DJ here in Elkhart, IN. & Chicago. I listen to your music to get me Pumped Up for a GIG! You have a GOD Given Gift. Keep doing what you do BEST! I love going to your site(s) and listen to your new Beats. They ARE AWSOME! Keep me posted on any new CD's or Beats you get. Don't forget to go to My MySpace page n ADD ME!

  • seen you on vidmax....talented...canada needs a new antheme..up to the challenge...looking forward to your future sounds...rock on rj.

  • you have a great gift, I love your music!!! I was just wondering if you can work with breakbeats, I'd love to hear you with breakbeats....

    how about it.....?

  • Ronald, Just found your stuff on UT and you are rockin man. Way to go.
    I really think you need to give some attention to the Reggae beat. I think you could be a real Reggae master. COOL!

  • you're one funny guy man,you should be on stage .
    keep doing what you're doing and i think you'll be ok, love your tunes man. hope to see more off you.

  • That was awsome. Keep it going man, never stop!

  • I play trumpet, and i've just gotten into the technology aspect of music. I'm taking an awesome music computer technology class this year. I really admire your dedication and what you've done through youtube. You're really the creative fuel to a lot of people. Great job! The one thing I wanted to ask you is, i don't know much about software and keyboards, and i was wondering if you could include a section somewhere about your favorite gear, i know you probably have a lot, but i'd just be interested in knowing your big go-to programs and stuff. i love the sound of your korg triton is it maby? anyway, GOD BLESS!!!

    also, im not sure how this stuff works, but since you're pretty succesful on youtube, maby your voice of endorsement would be worth a significant amount of money to big companies like korg and others! money is what lets you have more time to devote to music! i look forward to and i want to encourage you tward your second CD !!! keep up your love of amazing music, we love it too!!


  • je me suis acheter ton cd!!! et vraiment
    extra ta musique apporte vraiment quelque
    chose de nouveau et different de par ta façon de jouer
    j'ais fait ecouter ta musique a tout les gens que je connais
    et tout le monde et vraiment sur le cul pardonne moi de l'expression mais cest le cas tu a de l'avenir!!!

  • hofuwvircojvfsumltdhzbdrozejtg


  • I absolutely love watching you get down on those keys Ronald Jenkees! People can't help but be moved by watching you play. Its always fun to watch a musician perform that is playing from the soul. Add another enthusiastic fan to your list!

  • I'm your new fan!

    I came across your youtube page and was instantly drawn in and watched/listened to all of your melodic clips.. I just purchased your CD as well. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing your musical creativity :)



    I celebrate 29 years of sobriety today and then I come across this website,,,..without question, you're enlightened when it comes to making music...this I have no doubt.

    I've been a social worker for nearly 25 years and while I get to see the worst of people at times, there are also moments when I get to touch grace.....thanks for reminding me that grace can manifest in various ways....I suggest that your music is one of them.

    I recently watched the entire SAW series.,...I'm thinking that you need to write some of the music for the sixth film......I'm gonna send on your link to Lionsgate.

    be well.

  • I bookmarked your site and will be back here soon. Good luck with it all.

  • Hey Dude,

    Your Sound Rocks ... I am a musician too and when i heard this sound this morning, it was a great sensation.

    Best regard and still enjoy the music.

    Hugo from France.


    if you are interested in order to program you an app for facebook for your promo, just ask.

  • Hello !! Super music ! it's great ! dude , you are TALENT ! :)

    I'm from Republic of Moldova .. It's in Europe and i love your music ... Good Luck !

  • Hello Ronald,
    My name is ilkay, from Turkey in Istanbul city.
    Your my favorit. I'm listen 2 months ago. Your unbeliveble.
    Music is great sea on the world. I'm in the old days playing keyboard.
    I like your way. Good luck dear Jenkens, thank you for you notes.
    Keep on crwativity.

  • Your music is inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I almost never pay for music because I strongly believe it should be free.. on rare occasions musicians like yourself inspire me to fork over as much as I can. I will buy both of your albums on cd and not for download. Mainly because I want them signed because I know your gonna be huge in no time.

    I really hope you decide to tour and visit Minnesota cause I'd definitely bring tons of people. I'm spreading the word. Ronald Jenkees is the new talent.

    I'd love to see some collabs.

    Much love and PLEASE keep writing

  • Congrats to you! :D you're a great musician.

  • you are awesome!

    I'm from Romania .. It's in Europe and i love your music

    I have bought both of your albums. you sir deserve all the support! have fun

  • Just wanted to let you know that the link to the podcast is dead. Placing a link for :

    in its spot might be more beneficial.

  • Thanks for another informative website. Where else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect method? I've a mission that I am simply now working on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

    • I just watched the clip for the Rocky remix and heard the "Peach Out" which I originally knew from the Bill Simmons Podcast and I had to rewind it like 5 times to make sure I was hearing it correctly. I love that two of my favorite things, Ronald Jenkees and Bill Bimmons, have a connection.

  • ^^ Quick edit...Peace Out.

  • Thank you for sharing so much of what you do! You're a natural leader dude, just like your original band teacher!

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