3 cool things in 1 day. BAM!

A few awesome things that happened all at once... BAM!

#1. A YouTube editor, Sadia, sent me an email saying my channel will be featured on the "Welcome to YouTube" page that appears when anyone signs up for a new YouTube account for two days (starting late Sunday). I think my heart skipped a beat when I was reading that email. It's just an all-around great thing. Thanks, Sadia. And thanks to whoever alerted her to my YouTubes if that's what happened.

#2. Bill Simmons from ESPN mentioned me in his super-famous sports blog again. A kind reader of his blog suggested that I do a 30 second music piece for his upcoming podcast show. As soon as I know for sure what song he wants me to do (and if the offer is still good), I'm going to gladly take that opportunity to thank him for all the hits he's given me and supply him with a homemade beat. Thanks again, Sports Guy.

#3. Finished filming my interview for the guys at Black 20. Those are some nice guys with a cool story. You've probably seen their vids before (the easter bunny hates you).

Thanks a ton to my viewers, commentors, and subscribers for bringing a crazy amount of attention to something I wasn't even trying to do on purpose.

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  • Hey man... I found you through Bill Simmons and you've made my week. It's so encouraging to see someone doing something so well and having such a good time doing it. Your attitude is an inspiration, and I can't wait to see where you go. You've got an incredible gift.

  • Hey man the new clutter stuff is coming along great! I would love to hear a talented rapper lay down some lyrics on that beat. I will totally buy your CD and I will persuade all of my friends to buy your CD too! You have an awesome talent, and I love hearing all your new music. I'm super excited for that CD dude! later!

  • hey! i guess youd never imagine anyone from the philippines listen to your beats.. its really good! keep it up!! would hope to hear more samplers in your upcoming cd too!

  • ronald...i was compelled to post you a comment here...you truly deserve all the great things that are happening to you and all the wonderful comments you receive! after finding out about you through bill simmons i was really blown away...it is rare to see somebody like you, a person who you can just feel the talent and passion you put in your music...i also really like some of the video ive seen of you where you respond to people judging or questioning you...you really seem to understand yourself and what you are trying to do which is have fun and share your music with all of us lucky listeners! keep it up and i wish you nothing but continued success!

  • Up up and awAY Mr. Jenkees.

  • oh my god wow, ur lucky, cool

  • Ron, you are off the heezy fo-sheezy. I love your music. Man, you have inspired me. You're beats are unbelievable. I can't wait until you post some more beats. Your genuineness is inspiring to all your viewers. That's why the whole world is falling in love with you. You are the next Great American Hero. And Bill Simmons is the man for sending us to you.

  • I would like to user you musc in my movies if you would like to do this e-mil me at mmmaaatttggg@hotmail.com

  • Hey Ronald, your beats are off the chain brother! I just wanted to say the podcast song sounds filthy good, and I really think that your canon in d remix should be just like it is now with the grungy guitar sound- I can't even think about how many times I've listened/watched that thing in amazement. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work, and I'm definitely buying your cd as soon as it drops!

  • Yo, Ron ... my man. I truly believe, as a fan of you AND Bill Simmons, that you have just about found pure perfection with your proposed mix for his podcast. I'll be shocked if he doesn't love it. Keep bringing us pure beats and joy, bro. Peace out.

  • You deserve it.

    Keep rockin'.

  • hiya ron!
    i am totally blown away by your raw talent and improvisation.
    Not forgetting your way for never failing to make me laugh.
    Your well and truely awsome.
    I'm almost embarrassed to say that i've only just discovered you on youtube.
    But by golly i'm glad i did. :)
    keep on rockin out your awsome, funky beats! (please) lol.

  • Hey, just saw your Black20 interview, that was some pretty awesome jamming. Keep up the awesome work.

  • I'm only write to you for my congratulations!
    I find your clips on youtube.com, and i was surprised, when i listening your "musik".
    You're a man, with a big passion, and you transform this
    passion in a very nice businnes.
    You're become an incredible piano player, and i'm happy for you.
    continue ronald, don't stop...never.

    I'm italian, i'm 16.
    I'm not a singer or a musician...i'm not into the world of music.
    I only listen musik not play, but i'm really happy, when i see a person,
    who trasmitted great time in all the world, with he's musik.
    great...great. GOOD LUCK!!!
    p.s: apologize my bad english, but i'm not a great sudent,
    but i love the english, and when you love a thing, you learn to fast.
    another congratulations.

  • Hey man, I won`t buy all yours sings
    write me to email please

  • respect or.. hmm ?!

  • Hi man, i found your youtube site accidentaly, but i feel lucky, i was listing this more than 10 times or something,

    its really awesome, I keen to learn keyboard, unfortunately i couldn't get a good music book or teacher since my childhood, but now I'm a visual effects artist, and i am gonna finish my degree and continue work.

    if i get enough wealth, perhaps i will come to meet you for compose some music for some songs.

    Good luck,
    Keep it up with good works,

    and don't forget us when u become world star :D :)>-
    May GOD bless you and guide you


  • correction :
    i was listing = I was Listening
    i keen to ... = I was keen to learn

  • hahaha, just wanted to let you guys know that the halloween remix that is on ronald jenkees blog goes REALLY well with the black20's the easter bunny hates you video.

  • your genius man! listening to your music is an out of this world experience, hehe, i know i'm exaggerating. but it is only by means exaggerating that i could describe how awesome your music dude.

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