Thanks Bill Simmons (ESPN)!

I don't for a second mistake my popularity for that of "The Sports Guy", Bill Simmons. He single handedly directed over 40,000 hits (and counting) to my Rocky video when he linked to it from his ESPN blog (third to last paragraph). Thanks for blogging about me, Mr. Simmons - you made my week. Also, thanks to Jimmy from China for telling The Sports Guy about my video and to my good YouTube friends who told me about the article. Man, it's hard not to be positive with all the encouragement around here. It goes a long way, folks. I read every single comment and if I had time, I would reply to every one of em.

Peace out, Ronald

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  • Yeah, man. That's how I found out about you. I definitely want to hear more of your music. It's very addictive and positive. Please post more of it.


  • Ronald, perhaps ESPN should put you in charge of the Monday Night Football Theme! They could throw a big ole cowboy hat on ya and you could totally jam on those keys!!! Keep up the great work, Im addicted to your videos :)

  • Ronald, congratulations on all the hits man. Glad to see you getting the attention you deserve. Hope you get your big break soon!

  • You are amazing. All of your beats are sweet, keep up the good work buddy. Your Rocky beat is fantastic. I have no idea why you aren't working the music business. You're that good. As Bigp3rm said, it's only a matter of time until you get your big break. Thanks so much for your music.

    (And thanks to Jimmy from China for telling Bill Simmons about you too. That's how I found you. You rock).

    As you would say, "Peace out."

  • Hey Ronald,

    I love your music and your videos! A friend of mine sent me a link to your videos and they have provided much entertainment!

    Best wishes!


  • Ronald, I'm amazed by all of your music. Your beats are hot and your talents are instantly recognized. Please keep up the fantastic work and keep posting. I profiled you on my blog as soon as I heard you. You have a bright future my man.

  • yo keep up the great work. It was would be killer if you made an mp3 out of the rocky song. Your rendition was great. Ive watched the video at least 4 times just to hear it. I needs it.

  • Dude..please right a full version to the Rocky beat and make it downloadable, I would love to put that on a pregame cd for my soccer team i coach. awesome man

  • Ditto on the Rocky beat. Make that downloadable and full length so I can go running to it, or use it when working out. Keep it up brutha.

    Peace out


  • Way to go Ron,
    I loved that Rocky video when I watched it, the movie pumped me up after I saw it and your video pumped me up just as much after I watched it. It would be pretty cool to have a mp3 of that to jam out to, but hey, keep up your awesome work I love your beats.

  • Fantastic job on everything, Ronald.

    I'd seriously love to have some t-shirts about you printed up. No profit to be made, just me and my friends wearing them. I'd like to put your likeness on them with captions that read "What would Ronald Jenkees do?" or "Wack beats". We could put your website address on the back.

    I figured I'd ask your permission to use your likeness first. Don't worry, we all love what your doing and would only print them in a respectful manner.

    What do you say?

  • is there any way i cld download ur music to show to my school?

  • Hey Ronald... It is sooo refreshing to see someone who is totally comfortable with who they are and totally enjoys life like you do! It's gotta be wierd for you to know that people all over the world are hooking up to your videos and stuff... My wife didn't know what to think about your video's at first...but I think she is warming up to you! Post more jam sessions if you got the time...I love them and so does my little girl Esther! Your a good man Ronald!

  • Ronald, it doesn't sound like you need me to tell you this, but don't let the haters get to you.

    Your music is off the chain and your style is yours. I'd like to get in line for the Ron Jenkees CD when you're ready to start selling your genius.

    Put me in the long line waiting for a full mp3 of that Rocky mix. Keep it up!

  • You rock man. You rock. I'd love to wail with you.

  • Dam bro you are the bomb!! do you have The Rocky song Remixed in mp3 format for us pleaseeeeeeee

  • Ronald! Every time you create a new beat you leave me wanting more. Glad to see you are finally going to start selling your music. For selling your music online I'm no expert but I have been hearing about this lately.

    Anyhow hope that helps man. Keep up the great work and don't let those haters get to you!


    hei ronald i saw your videos on youtube & think ya are so fantastic man! i wanna hear more of your music! do you have prokects?gruops? i should if you dont have one!

  • Hey, Ronald. I noticed you want to be able to get your music out there so that people can buy it. I just want to recommend you check out They cater to independent musicians and groups. They have several tools to help you, so you can sell from your website, and the more popular you are, the more money you can make :). Anyway, hope that will help.

  • Ronald, keep doing what you're doing because it is fantastic. I've already forwarded your website and youtube profile to get your name out b/c you're great - let us know when those downloads are ready, I'll be first in line.

  • Hey Ronald, love your stuff man... I do a podcast (on a new, very small at the moment, website) and I'd love to feature one of your tunes. It's no Sports Guy publicity, but it's still something... send me and email if you're interested and keep up the good work (!

  • Ronald -

    You're unreal bro!! I have been playing music for about 10 years now so I definitely appreciate your talent! I watched all your videos on YouTube too and they all rock out! I love that one with the organ sound you use on the Triton. Definitely keep it up man, you've got some amazing talent! I need some new videos on YouTube too man, haha! Take care!


  • Ronald,
    I love your stuff man! Dont let the haters get you down! Get some of this stuff onto CD or Record cause I would buy it!

  • Hey Ronald,
    My parents always told me that I would regret not sticking with piano someday. I never thought that would happen until I saw your videos. Although I'm pretty sure you're talent is a gift and was probably inborn (Not to say you didn't work hard to hone it). I'm definetly envious of you.

    Was wondering if you could send me some of your beats/songs. I'm willing to pay if that's what's needed.

    I really enjoyed this one:


  • Enjoy your new found fame, my man. The Numa Numa guy's got nothin on you. Cause you can actually SELL your talent. Ah yes, and I do dig your beats. POST A WHOLE TRACK! quit teasing us. Latr.

  • Ronald - you have a new fan(s) in The Playaz!

    Rock on!

  • Ronald, I love your Rocky beat and even posted in on my myspace page. I'm glad that the sportsguy put that link up because I've checked out the rest of your stuff and you rock!

  • Hey Ronald - You are the man. Keep on being your self. Not enough people unafraid to be who they are in the world. You are genuine and it shows.

    I thought your Led Zepplin kicked ass as did your Rocky beat. You are the man. YOu should put together a CD. I would buy your Rocky beat today if I could.

  • Great stuff man!! I just downloaded your Rocky remix and put it into my mp3 player. I can't wait to listen to it when I'm working out. Awesome stuff man, for real. You've got a lot of talent...keep going!!! Please put a CD out of your stuff!!!

  • What up RJ? You da man!!! Keep the beats coming. You're like a white Herbie Hancock, a musical prodigy. Whatever you do, don't stop cause you're doing what you do best and it shows. I was seriously in a shitty mood and then heard that Rocky remix and that vibration picked me right up.

  • hey my twins and i are fascinated by you as a person but especially your improv. You are a role model. One of them has been playing classical piano for 5 yrs and i was just wondering what you would advise he do to get him started with keyboard improv. No offense to the remix stuff but that's your strongest talent. I would pay for your improv vs the hip hop stuff which a lot of the younger and older generations are moving away from (and toward classic rock with complexity like the led zep you did). We want more improv!

  • Incredible. Simply Incredible. You have a totally fresh and unique sound. Tell me that you are making an album. I mean, that is something that I would want in my collection forever.

  • Hey Ronald,

    The Sports Guy definitely rocks, but so does your sound. Keep it up, maybe you'll be directing around 40k hits soon!

  • Ronald,
    I heard about you from Bill Simmons chatwrap. Your stuff is real good, cool to listen to. I was hoping that you could make a jam that lasts a little longer like maybe 5-7 minutes---that would be great!

  • hi were the first youtube video I got to watch! You totally rock and like the others have posted, you really have an energy that surrounds you and it's transported through your keyboard! String jams has been stuck in my head all day long.

    Keep it are a fabulous artist! \\// out

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