Digg? Whoa!

I opened my inbox tonight to check the email and BAM! YouTube smacked my Gmail account upside the head with a buncha emails. Little did I know I had been Dugg for one of my music vids (thanks Digg users). Thanks to all my new friends on the web for the nice comments. I'd love to respond to each one of you if I manage to. Each comment means a great deal to me. I read them all.

While I'll be the first one to tell you I'm different, there's nothing wrong with me or the way I am! I understand some people just need to speculate things (that's normal) but there's nothing wrong with my brain (LOL) and I'm definitely not a savant (go check out some Beethoven for that, folks). I realize that some will think I'm fake, some will think I'm too weird, and maybe a few folks will actually digg my jams. And as long as there are a couple of encouragers out there, I'll keep posting music on the webs.

Peace out! - Ronald

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  • I dugg you! :-D

  • Hey Man I love all your videos, you are an awesome fun guy. You music is also amazing, you have a true talent. Keep being who you are. You rock and I'm a fan! Life is great, lets all have fun.


  • Hey, ronald, how's it going? I just want to say keep making videos, because I truly enjoy them and im quite sure others do too, thanks!

  • You should post a lot of your work, I'm lovin it

  • Hey Ronald... You rock at life. Keep doing it, :-P.

    - Eric

  • Hey Ronald, its been one day and I'm ready for your next video!!! I saw you on digg too! I could probably watch a hundred of your videos in a row!! Your a great talent!!!!!

  • i also found you via digg and i really appreciate your videos and you seem like a good person. all the best, man!

    (oh think about changing the text color in your blog, it's damn hard to read)

  • Hello Roland,

    Saw your video on digg and I loved it. Couldnt stop until I saw the majority of your videos. Really liked the song you were working on in making a beat part 2. Ahh seems its this mp3 sample just put it on. Excellent. Do you have any albums? Would love to buy it.

    Anyways Ive been sort of on a hiatus from producing music myself. So just wanted you to know that watching you has inspired me to dust off the old korg and ham on the keys.

    Keep on doing what you are doing.

  • er. Sorry not Roland, Ronald. Also if you have music email me, i would love to hear more.

  • you made my day

  • yo ronald.
    i spend the whole evening watching your videos on utube. man afterwards i was so pumped to jam for myself that i totally lost controll to goto bed. luckly we had snow in munich today...so i took that as the excuse for being late :)

    peace n love....you rock!

  • Dude, if you really want to get more exposure you need to get out there and post your videos in other places


    although Digg is the biggest one and the most exposure that it will give, it cant hurt to submit elsewhere.

    BTW your videos rock and I hope you keep on keeping on !

  • Rodney(flashtone)

    Ronald! Your stuff is amazing! I keep coming back for more every day. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was a I love Ronald t-shirt I'd buy it. You are awesome man! PLEASE PLEASE don't stop posting videos! I have a request on possibly an idea for one of your next vblog's; take that camera outside and do something entertaining outside your apartment. You show us this world in a new perspective I've never seen! can't wait till the next episode. BEST V blog on the next by far!

    KEEP IT real Friend!

  • Ronald, you're a real genuine guy and it's refreshing to watch your passion for music. Keep posting your stuff. I really like your stuff man.

  • Ronald,
    I really enjoy your music. Please keep it coming. My favorite of your YouTube video was the one where you played guitar on your keyboard.

    And the Rocky beat has been in my head for days.

    Please post more mp3s, so I can listen to you on my iPod.


  • Man... you gotta keep banging those keys at whatever level makes u happy. Just keep doing what makes you happy 'cause that's what makes us happy. Seeing you playing is half the joy. The music is great but seeing you lose yourself in it is like watching a Jackson Pollack paint. Keep rocking from WV

  • wat does dugg mean? n ne ways cool sounds i wunder how long it took u to know the keyboard n all that, peace out

  • Hey brother, i'm a music producer from detroit, i produce and write all types of electronic music. I have lots of respect for what you do. Contact me, so we can chat and what not. We may be able to put out your music on submerge recordings or one of our web labels.


  • im diggin your beats bro and your videos .. keep at it :)

  • All I can say is wow!! Awesome stuff that I will keep jammin to.

  • I AM......................UH..................................................................SPE.............................SPEECLESS........................................U..................UH..........UM....ROCK WHAT I TELL YA SPEECHLESS


  • Hey m8, beeing special is a gift. For those who want everyone to be the same i can only say that they´re tragical and they are missing out a big part of life.
    When i listen to your music and watch your strong personality i get touched (makes me wanna cry, in a good way!).

    Please post more downloadables! "Improv - Electric Guitar (keyboard) over Canon in D" on youtube.com is amazing and i would give anything to
    have it.

    Thank you.

  • Ronald:

    I'm so amazed at your talent and god wish I could play as good as you. Your creativiy is beyond out of the box thinking which is my style and I love that. Yes, you need to market yourself and sell your beats to major HIP HOP artists and others as well the Trance music Industry is another good place. I listed to your interview and heard you are from Kentucky. I live in Louisville, KY. I need your advice if you don't mind me asking becasue I'm very confused and overwhelmed of the new gear today and which to purchase. If you could suggest one of the following to purchase and my style is exactly like yours so please let me know.

    1. KORG Karma
    2. KORG Triton Extreme 76 Key
    3. Yamaha Motif XS 76 Key - which you just raved about, but how does it compare to what you use KORG Triton?

    Any other Keyboards / Synths you can recommend please do so. I really think you are going to be someone very speicial and you have just inspired me more to continue getting back to my passion and that is music, FUNKY & SMOOTH at that.

    All the best to you,

    Gregg Wynne

  • This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Whoa! at Ronald Jenkees. Thanks for informative article

  • Hey man,

    Just wanted to say you rock! :D Keep up the good work.

  • Cool stuff man, nice change from the usual garbage around ;o)

  • Hi Ronald... You rock at life. Keep doing it!

  • Hey man just wanted to say your awesome and my other buddy caught me at work listening to the music jamming out across the floor in a call center, lol, I guess some people cannot handle people that are uniquely different, f em!

  • And by the way, I can't believe people were speculating on you being a savant or handicapped..... I wonder what people would say about me if I posted videos, lol must be because of the accents, what a bunch of dookie suckers

  • I love your stuff. Found you via Pandora on my Apparat station. Beautiful, energetic, you are one of those people that brighten life and remind us of how awesome things are. Thank you so much, and don't ever stop!!!!!

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